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Call for Academic Mobility Autumn 2019

Call for Academic Mobility Autumn 2019

by Mikhail Sabyanin -
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Dear first year students willing to participate in academic mobility abroad at the expense of Republican budget!

The Ministry of Education and Science allocated IITU 7 budget funded places for Autumn semester 2019 in the USA. The American Universities are not determined yet. All students, not only grant holders, have the right to apply for this mobility.

The funding includes covering the following expenses:

  • Round trip flight
  • Accommodation for 120 days
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa fee

University tuition fees, registration fees, etc and personal expenses are not funded, so you have to pay these amounts yourself.

Students, willing to apply for the program, should collect the following documents and bring to International Affairs Department (9th floor) before February 11, 2019:

  1. Passport notarized colored copy.
  2. Medical certificate form № 082/у for traveling abroad.
  3. Transcript.
  4. Valid IELTS / TOEFL certificate copy.
  5. Copies of diplomas, certificates, letters of appreciation (if any, by your IITU specialization) notarized and translated into the state or Russian languages.

IITU sends the documents to the Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center in Astana for the selection and approval.

During the selection of applicants in case of equal points, the advantage is given to:
1) orphans or students left without parental care;
2) disabled;
3) students from large families.

Please, read the full version of the new “Rules of sending for study abroad, including academic mobility" in Russian here.

International Affairs Department